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  • Engage customers, Increase productivity, cut costs, drive new revenue channels - mobile is transforming and disrupting the status quo across all industries.
  • Enterprise IT at customers like Schneider Electric, Holder Corporation, Macquarie Bank, Game Show Network, and VMware has empowered their lines of business to quickly design, build, and scale innovative apps on Kinvey.
  • No matter what industry or use case (B2B, B2E, B2C), Kinvey has the platform for you to outpace your competitors.

But you have to get started somewhere. Don’t start from scratch. Kinvey can accelerate your app delivery - you just focus on your apps, while we've got your backend.

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Field Workforce

Desktop applications don’t cut it for the sales or service rep on the go. Mobile is now central to the equation - it’s not optional.

  • Both front office and back office productivity gains are being driven by contextualizing the user experience.
  • New levels of operational efficiency, better customer service, and reduced risk via greater visibility are all benefits of mobilizing your field force.
  • Deliver relevant information on the fly, enabling responsive scheduling, on-site instructions, and real-time work order management.
  • Kinvey Data Link Connectors securely mobilize existing enterprise data in systems like Oracle, SAP, and other custom apps to drive even higher levels of productivity.

No matter what your industry (logistics, HVAC, manufacturing, pharma, food service, etc), if you have a field sales or service team, you need to mobilize it now. Your competitors are already focusing on mobile enablement to gain competitive advantage - if you don't you'll be left behind.

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Whether monitoring tick data, predicting trends, launching new smart-devices, or providing fast on-site field service, leveraging mobile is just table stakes. Sophisticated apps with in-context information are driving new levels of productivity and rapid ROI for Energy & Utility businesses with 24x7 operations.

The use cases are too numerous to list. Here are just a few:

  • Remote asset monitoring, tracking, and management
  • Fleet routing and scheduling
  • Environment, health, and safety monitoring
  • Timely information capture (pictures, voice annotations, etc.)
  • Employee and contract time management
  • Knowledge in context
  • Customer engagement with mobile payments, smart metering, and remote control

With so many consumer and commercial uses, the economics of supporting one-off mobile apps will break the bank: hundreds of apps, no reusable components, inconsistent brand and user experiences, 9 month development cycles, security concerns, and more. What’s needed is an enterprise mobility backend as a service.

“Product innovation and a consistent customer experience are important to us, and harnessing the power of mobile gives us a competitive advantage,” said Ken Carroll, Vice President software platforms, Schneider Electric. “Kinvey makes it simple with no IT overhead. Decoupling the user interface from the backend allows our developers to focus on our products and not worry about building or maintaining the backend platform.”

Empower your lines of business to deliver apps for any B2B, B2C, and B2E use case they need to fuel their business.

See how Schneider Electric has built a mobile innovation platform to differentiate their offerings.

Enterprise IT

Streamlining IT operations is an imperative no matter what industry - but you can’t do it at the cost of the customer experience. Expectations have been set by consumer apps and anything less than 5-stars falls short, even for IT customer support apps.

  • Engage your customers where and how they want.
  • Provide the information (e.g. license keys, users/permissions, alerts) and tools they need to do their job in today’s 24x7 world.
  • Build community and loyalty with online forums.
  • Enable your team to rapidly respond to support issues anywhere, anytime.

Mobilizing your IT customer support app makes tons of sense. Learn how VMware IT is leveraging Kinvey to engage their customers with the “My VMware” app.

Financial Services

Mobile is the fastest growing channel for the financial services industry, both consumer and commercial. But with expectations being set by consumer apps and the rapidly evolving standards for security and compliance, it’s hard to be responsive and agile while still maintaining trust. That’s where Kinvey can help.

Kinvey provides the comprehensive platform your developers want and your IT team needs in the financial industry.

  • Proven platform with end to end encryption and secure identity and data links
  • Up-to-date features to support existing and emerging app needs
  • Online forums to build community and loyalty
  • Fully managed with your choice of deployment model: on our cloud or yours

We understand the needs of the financial services industry. Learn how Kinvey has helped a global bank leverage mobile for their business.


The Affordable Care and HITECH Acts, an aging population, and new mobile and wearable technologies are driving clinical and business changes across the healthcare industry. The focus is on making life easier for the patient, practitioners, pharmacists, insurance companies, and everyone involved.

Data needs to flow seamlessly and – most importantly – securely to the end-user, and be ready to access at a moment’s notice. This is why everything from personal care, to wellness management, to prescription fulfillment is moving to mobile. Kinvey's HIPAA compliant platform provides a secure foundation for your mHealth apps.

Here are a few of the app use cases on Kinvey today:

According to Forrester, there are over 40,000 wellness, chronic condition management, and monitoring apps and the number is growing exponentially. Healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech are all embracing the mobile mind shift. Your organization can too. Kinvey can help accelerate your mobile app delivery.

Learn more about Kinvey's HIPAA compliant platform.


Whether completing a small job or undertaking a massive engineering challenge, construction and manufacturing industry leaders have separated themselves from the pack with cutting edge project management, workflow efficiency, and technology adoption. The largest struggle is information management, and often companies struggle with disparate systems all trying to speak to one another in different languages.

Kinvey solves this problem. We play translator between older systems as well as bleeding-edge technology. Our service is designed to be extensible, flexible, and adaptable to any workflow. We help our customers navigate the complexity of managing large sets of data in a simple and straightforward manner.

Kinvey has helped companies like Holder Construction transform their business process with mobile. We can help you too.

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Enterprises are not just B2B focused. Many target the consumer market as their mainstay. Media and Entertainment companies rely on having engaged, happy users to make their applications successful and profitable.

Typically, entertainment-focused companies do not specialize in maintenance of applications. The product lifecycle in this industry is project-based, and the overhead of maintaining servers for older products is a drain on valuable resources.

Kinvey takes the pain out of the process, providing a managed solution. We do the monitoring so that you can make a beautiful application that users love. Even better, we provide the largest breadth of front end frameworks in the market so you can offer your application across any device you want to target.

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One of the fastest moving industries in the world of mobile is the retail space. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell whether a customer is purchasing in-store on their mobile device or remotely.

The world of retail is increasingly moving to the cloud, and purchasing systems have needed to modernize. A further concern for the retail market is security. With so many transactions in the cloud, many worry about the safety of customer data.

Thankfully, Kinvey has your back. We offer a secure solution that can be deployed as a managed service solely for the retail enterprise, ensuring your customer’s safety while reducing overhead. We take the stress out of having to monitor backend systems and provide the largest variety of mobile frameworks in the market to offer front-end flexibility.

Kinvey is also a leader in the emerging beacon space. Our libraries contain full support for adding beacon functionality to your apps, so you can easily take advantage of proximity-based notifications and incentives.

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