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case studies

App Innovation in Entertainment

Fifty Shades of Grey intern app delivers fan excitement and engagement driving record-breaking premiere.

Secure Data Anytime, Anywhere

Learn how Kinvey helped this global bank leverage mobile apps to deliver traders what they need, when they need.

Energy Product Innovation

Comprehensive platform for mobile, tablet, web, and Internet of Things apps for global product teams

My VMware Customer App

Fully managed mobility platform frees VMware IT while lowering cost of operation

Process Improvement App

Significantly lowers Cost and risk while Improving operations

Smart Energy Management App

Harnesses the Internet of Things to optimize Indoor temperature

Chronic Condition Care App

Empowers patients to be involved with their treatment

eDetailing App

Drives productivity and compliance through engaging apps

Whitepapers & Datasheets

Mobilize Sharepoint Data Instantly With Kinvey

Kinvey provides an out-of-the-box connector for configuring connections into SharePoint systems, as well as a Node.js module for more advanced use cases.

Why You Need a New Mobile Architecture

Users are now demanding five-star experiences from enterprise applications. To support this, you needa new mobile architecture that enables delivery of these new enterprise applications with rapid development times and consistency for IT.

Meet the New Mobile Strategist.

75% of enterprises have created a new role to define, manage and deploy a consistent enterprise-wide mobile strategy. Find out why.

2014 CIO and Mobile Strategist Survey

97 percent of CIOs have high hopes for what mobile can do for their businesses, but many are frustrated. 63 percent are turning to cloud solutions to gain agility.

Enterprise Mobility Maturity Model

Where is your business on the mobile maturity curve? Are you leveraging mobile to transform your business processes in a mobile context? Learn how others are using mobile apps to drive cost savings and new revenue streams.

Kinvey Datasheet

A short, no-nonsense look at what Kinvey does and why enterprises worldwide choose us to provide their platform for mobile innovation.

Anatomy of an Enterprise App

Every mobile app needs 4 key backend components, plus frontend innovation and a solid platform as a foundation. Find out what that looks like in this whitepaper.

MBaaS Evaluation Checklist

If you’re putting together an RFP or just starting your research, this checklist will give you a comprehensive view of service considerations

BaaS vs. MEAP: Flexibility vs. Vendor Lock-in

While BaaS vendors focus on developer productivity and flexibility, MEAPs come with the risk of professional services heavy lock-in. Find out more in this whitepaper.

Kinvey Cloud Services Security Overview

This document provides an overview of Kinvey's network security, monitoring, device communication security, and operating system security practices.

BaaS vs. API Mgmt: An API Strategy is not a Mobile Strategy

For mobile developers, the library is the API they care about. Just exposing a REST or SOAP endpoint isn’t enough. Read this whitepaper to find out why.


Intermediate Android Development

If you’re familiar with the Android platform but want to dig deeper, then this free eBook can help you take your project to the next level.

8 Steps to Building a Mobile Center of Excellence

Everything you need to know about the organization that steers your mobile strategy

Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid App Development

If your organization is looking to build a mobile app, this free eBook will help you decide which approach is best for your needs: native, HTML5 or hybrid

DIY vs. Baas: The Enterprise Mobility Showdown

If your organization’s mobile strategy is moving from planning to implementation, this free eBook is for you. Learn how DIY solutions perform against cloud-platforms, like BaaS.

How to Make an App: HTML5 Mobile Edition

Interested in building your first HTML5 app? Here's everything you need to know to start building killer mobile apps using HTML5 and Javascript.

The 7 Most Critical Questions to Ask When Creating a Mobile Strategy

If you contribute to your company’s mobile strategy, this eBook can help you zero in on all the must-ask questions.

Google Glass Developer's Guide

We attended every Google I/O session, scoured the docs and watched countless videos to distill for you the essential information you need to get started building Glass Apps.

The Developer's Guide To Facebook Open Graph

Interested in integrating Facebook Open Graph into your native mobile app? Learn from case studies and our developer guides on building it into your app.

How to Make an App: Android Edition

Everything you need to go from concept to MVP for your next Android app project.

CIO vs CMO in the War for Mobile

If you are involved in -- or affected by -- your company’s mobile strategy, then this is the eBook for you. It unpacks the benefits and drawbacks of a marketing-driven mobile strategy versus an IT-driven program.

How to Make an App: iOS Edition

Whether you are building your first iOS app or your tenth, this eBook covers all of the essentials.

A Multi-Tool Mashup for HTML5 Apps

Looking to accelerate an HTML5 project? This eBook shows how to mash-up several third-party tools to reduce development time.

How to Avoid 9 Common UX Mistakes

Designer Nathan Barry points out practical ways to avoid the most common pitfalls in UX design.

How to Market Your iOS App

Online talent marketplace Ooomf highlights the most effective ways to market your app to the front of the App Store.

The Developer's Guide to AWS

Everything a developer needs to know to select an IaaS provider.


7 Must Ask Questions for Mobile Strategists

If you contribute to your company’s mobile strategy, this deck can help you zero in on all the must-ask questions.

9 Mobile UX Mistakes to Avoid

9 practical ways to avoid the most common pitfalls in mobile UX design.

Making your First Mobile App

A collection of practical tips to follow when building your first mobile app.

The Role of Mobile in Hurricane Sandy

This SlideShare-featured deck explores the many ways mobile technology helped the public prepare for and combat Hurricane Sandy.

13 Tips for Having a Great Hackathon

Attending a hackathon? Our CTO Morgan Bickle shares his tips for getting the most out of your time investment in this SlideShare-featured deck.

What's in the Cards for IT Culture?

IT culture is being upended by technology disruptions. This hand-drawn presentation is a digital "tarot card" reading, predicting changes to come.


What CIOs Say About Mobile Strategy

We surveyed 100 CIOs and 100 mobile leaders, asking them to explain their goals with mobile and identify the pain points they’ve been facing when building mobile apps. The results may surprise you.

The Executive Drive for Mobile Apps

We surveyed 200 enterprise execs from varying lines of business in different industries to learn how they approach mobile app development for their companies.

A Brief History of Open Source Code

Visualizing the popularity of open source programming languages over the past 20 years.

The BaaS Ecosystem Subway Map

The BaaS and related industries comprise a rich ecosystem of global giants and disruptive start-ups. This graphic depicts the interrelationships among all of the players.

Uncommon Comparisons of the App Store vs. Google Play

This infographic visualizes unconventional comparisons of the two most dominant mobile app marketplaces.

iOS and Android Design Guidelines Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet gives a high level summary of both iOS and Android Human Interface Guidelines (HIGs) --don't worry about digging through the books to find them every time they're needed.

How Long Does it Take to Build an iOS or Android App?

We surveyed 100 mobile developers, asking each how long it takes to build individual components of a native app. The results? About 18 weeks for an MVP app.

Enterprise Mobile Cloud Reference Architecture

Looking to architect a mobile technology stack? Check out Kinvey's Mobile Cloud Reference Architecture. Everything your enterprise needs -- including recommended vendors -- to implement your mobile strategy in one simple graphic.

The Boston Startup Map

We created a map of Boston, with the city's best-known, most-innovative startups featured throughout.

iOS Version History: A Visual Timeline

Ever wonder what features were introduced in which version of iOS? This infographic traces all of the release milestones throughout iOS's rich history.

Android Version History: A Visual Timeline

Ever wonder what features were introduced in which version of Android? This infographic traces all of the release milestones since Android debuted in 2008.

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