A Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE) is an internal organization that businesses form to steer the decision-making required for an established mobile strategy. Comprised of cross-departmental leaders, this group can be essential for companies looking to build mobile apps or expand their existing mobile plans. If your organization is about to embark on a mobile initiative, this free eBook is for you.

Readers of this eBook will:
  • Be able to determine whether or not an MCoE is necessary for their organization
  • Learn the first steps for getting an MCoE up and running
  • Determine the key players needed for an MCoE
  • Learn from two prominent companies that implement centers of excellence

What is Kinvey?

Kinvey makes a fully-featured Backend as a Service solution, offering data integrations, legacy system mobilization, as well as complete app backends for developers creating new mobile and web applications. Kinvey is based in Boston, Massachusetts.