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Mobile Architecture Series: Why Mobile Requires a Four-Tier Architecture

Tuesday Mar 24, 2015

webinarMany enterprises are struggling because their IT architecture was built for the web, not mobile. IT demands consistency while lines of business need agility, and the two are caught in a tug of war that ends up stalling mobile projects.

Is CloudKit a Backend as a Service?

Wednesday Jun 4, 2014

CloudKitI’ve been getting a lot of questions thrown my way since Apple unveiled CloudKit at WWDC, most of which have the same three elements in common: “Did Apple just throw their hat into the ring? Do you think you’ll end up competing against them? Are you worried?” The answers are yes, not as much as you might think, and not at all. Here’s why.

WWDC Day 1: Not Much New in Beacons

Tuesday Jun 3, 2014

HomeKitIt was a big day for us iOS developers, with Federighi-claus handing out treats left and right. There were new exciting features for developers like inter-app communication, iOS extensions like sharing and keyboards, new capabilities like HealthKit and HomeKit, and a brand new programming language! However, conspicuously absent was anything new with Beacons.

Kinvey’s First Internal Hackathon

Wednesday Jul 24, 2013

IMG_1331 Last week, our super talented developers were given free reign to build anything they wanted. Be it a game, a tool, or an app, they had half a week to ideate, prototype and create their innovative idea. We called it the Kinvey Internal Hackathon, and it was a ton of fun.

Competing as an Agency in the Enterprise Mobile Space

Tuesday Apr 30, 2013

Data LinksThe mobile landscape is changing at a pace that can seem breakneck to outsiders. In the early days of mobile development, a few select players could create mobile applications. As the tools of development became democratized, creative agencies and development studios could enter a massive market and reach consumers on personal devices like never before.

5 Reasons We’re Pumped for Apps World North America

Tuesday Feb 5, 2013

AppsWorldNA2013This week, Kinvey will be attending, exhibiting and speaking at Apps World North America. Apps World is two days of engagement, high level insight and discussion around one of the largest growing industries – mobile apps. Which, needless to say, is right up our alley. We can’t wait to meet developers and innovators with a shared passion for mobile apps and technology. Check out the top reasons we’re pumped to attend Apps World.

See Kinvey At Next Week’s Mobile Monday Boston Demo Night!

Wednesday Sep 26, 2012

MoMoBostonThis upcoming Monday, October 1st, Kinvey is proud to be a sponsor of Mobile Monday Boston’s Demo Night. The evening will feature rapid fire presentations by six mobile companies in Boston: TalkTo, SessionMSummerCamp, Owlchemy Labs, Timbre, and Ubersense. The event will take place at Ned Devine’s in Faneuil Hall beginning at 7, with doors at 6 PM.

Win 12 Months of Free Kinvey Service at the TAPPED NFC Hackathon

Monday Sep 17, 2012

TAPPEDNFCJoin us at TAPPED next month: The NFC (near field communication) hackathon series, hosted in New York City, San Francisco and Boston all in the month of October.

TAPPED, an NFC hackathon series, is shaping up to be an exciting event over three different weekends in different cities in October, where developers can strut their own NFC Android applications. Featured sponsors include Verizon, Facebook, Samsung, Kinvey, GitHub, Rackspace, Cellotape (NFC tags), Women 2.0, and MIT Enterprise Forum / NFC Cluster Boston.

10 Tips to Make SXSW EPIC

Monday Mar 5, 2012


I lived in Austin for 12 years, and not only is SXSW my favorite thing that happens in Austin… it’s my favorite thing that happens period.  If I were to somehow win a trip around the world on Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy, and it was scheduled during SXSW, I’d have to say “naw, I’m good.”

The only year that there was any question if I was going to go or not was my Freshman year in college.  I went to college at The University of Texas at Austin – just blocks away from the epicenter of SXSW.  The organizers of the festival have wisely timed SXSW to coincide with the Texas colleges’ spring breaks, so I was left with the decision between South Padre Island and its infamous college kid debauchery – or a Multimedia/Film/Music festival I knew little about. (SXSW interactive was called “multimedia” at the time). I took a chance and decided to stay in Austin, even though it meant I’d have to sleep on a friend’s couch as the dorms were closed during spring break.

Vixivey Hackathon

Saturday Feb 18, 2012

Calling all Android developers in Boston this weekend! Tomorrow, February 18th at 11AM at WorkBar, we will be co-hosting a hackathon with Viximo. The Vixivey Hackathon (Viximo + Kinvey = Viximo!) is your chance to hang out with other cool developers, coding away and building awesome mobile apps. Try out some brand new mobile dev tools that are not yet publicly available and bring your mobile app to the next level by adding social network and cloud service hooks.