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SAP Really Can Be Simple and Seamless with Kinvey and Google Cloud Platform – Today

sapmadesimple2In Bill McDermott’s keynote at Sapphire last week, he stated:

Digitization is affecting all businesses and all industries. So how do you make this transition to digital SIMPLE? What does a simple business look like? They are data-driven and seamless. Data is the foundation of every digital enterprise. We have got to solve this problem. 98% of the data in your enterprises is dark, and it’s caused not only a digital issue, but moreover the digital divide has now moved into a data divide and we have to bridge this divide and change the course in your company. The companies that get out early are going to be those companies that have the tools to serve their people and customers and the ones that don’t are going to be playing catchup for a long time.

We agree that digital transformation needs to be simple and seamless and that the companies that execute on this are getting first mover advantage. For most enterprises looking to mobilize SAP now, SAP requires that they undergo a migration to SAP HANA because the reality is most installed base systems were built for the web, not mobile. Typical projects to mobilize SAP applications are hampered by:

  • Protracted development cycles
  • Difficulty integrating mobile-friendly protocols (REST) with SAP legacy protocols (RFCs)
  • High latency times to access SAP (seconds vs. mobile-required milliseconds)
  • Lack of offline operation support
  • An absence of SAP knowledge among mobile developers

Companies using SAP need to start their digital initiatives now — the longer they wait to introduce process improvements and new workflows supported by mobile devices, the more they risk being outpaced by competitors and new market entrants. SAP knows there is high demand, as evidenced by their recent partner news with Apple. But their partnership addresses a very small piece of the market (iOS), requires expensive SAP HANA upgrades, and isn’t available until later this year. SAP customers are in pursuit of simpler and more seamless ways to mobilize their existing SAP data today.

Kinvey’s new capability called Mobile Data Connect for SAP lets organizations get started building mobile apps on SAP systems today at a fraction of the cost and 100x the performance of what SAP can deliver now.  

Mobile Data Connect for SAP is available on Google Cloud Platform and provides an out-of-the-box solution that:

  • Abstracts the complexities of interfacing with SAP from the mobile app developer with SDKs that are available across 13 mobile app development platforms for native, hybrid, and mobile web app delivery
  • Provides pre-built modules for advanced client-side caching, syncing, and encryption algorithms to meet the needs of demanding offline field workforce mobile use cases
  • Equips SAP application owners with a fast, simple, seamless and secure way to make SAP data available to mobile applications
  • Accelerates data delivery by 100X for sub-second, mobile-friendly speeds. Secure cloud caching enables sub-second screen performance of the app, even when the SAP system response is in the 10s of seconds

The entire solution can be up and running in under five minutes and requires no code at all. We know that sounds too good to be true, so we figured you’d want us to prove it. Check out a demo of Mobile Data Connect for SAP in action:


The solution runs on Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, delivering the scale and performance needed to support the next generation of mobile use cases no matter what the industry.

As Anubhav Gupta, Director of SAP applications at Bell and Howell and an early user of Mobile Data Connect for SAP, told us, “If you’ve worked with SAP systems as long as I have, you know that it’s no simple thing to extend an ERP system with mobility. With Kinvey, we’ve been able to extend our SAP landscape for new use cases, and the performance has been unbelievable. I went from 14-second SAP data access down to 400-millisecond mobile-friendly data access.”

If you’re an SAP customer and frustrated with SAP’s lack of support for mobility, let us know.

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