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Digital Transformation in Energy Management: Congratulations to Deepinder Singh

On April 14th, Deepinder Singh, CEO of 75F, received the Technology Inventor award at the Titans of Technology ceremony hosted by the The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

We congratulate Deepinder for this achievement. 75F has been customer of Kinvey’s since the beginning and we are proud to back such a Technology Titan driving digital transformation in the energy and utility field.

75F is an innovative building automation system that makes light commercial buildings more comfortable and energy efficient. 75F harnesses the Internet of Things to make smart HVAC devices that are self-optimizing to make people more comfortable while dramatically increasing energy efficiency.

75F transforms the thermostat’s status from a ‘dumb device on the wall’ to a smart control system that goes beyond simply regulating temperature and provides comfort in every room using dynamic airflow balancing via smart vents.

75F overview

At the heart of the 75F system are its Smart Algorithms and the Kinvey Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) solution. Dynamic Airflow Balancing™ is achieved with three Internet-connected devices that work in harmony to sense, analyze, and control airflow. As a result, air flows only where and when it is needed so temperatures are comfortable and energy is saved. Online data portals enable facility managers and contractors to access remote controls, data, and diagnostic tools.

Visit the 75F website for more information on this innovative IoT solution:

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