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The Right Things to Think About Before Migrating from Parse

parse-to-kinveyParse’s announcement that it is shutting down was a bitter day for all of us at Kinvey – Parse and Kinvey were the first two viable Backend as a Service platforms in 2011, and for the first two years of our existence, we fought head-to-head against them.  At the same time, there was a whole lot of mutual respect between our team and theirs. Our CEO, Sravish, summed it up pretty well:

While Parse has planned their sunset strategy the right way (the platform will be available for another year), many developers are understandably beginning to look for alternatives already.

Instead of just telling you, “Hey, migrate to Kinvey,” we felt it was far more responsible for us to tell you why you should consider Kinvey (or any other service) as an option for your Parse apps.

A product ethos you know and love

Kinvey – like Parse – was built to dramatically improve developer productivity. We have not taken any shortcuts. We spent a lot of time and effort understanding the hard problems developers encounter and don’t want to deal with while building apps — standing up and scaling data services, file services, push services, making apps work offline, storing data securely, etc. — and we provide you all this capabilities (and more) as part of our service. You can read more here.

Kinvey – like Parse – has spent an enormous amount of time delivering SDKs and documentation developers love.  Take a tour of our docs and SDKs.

Single line of code to do common tasks via our SDKs: User login/logout, changing password, moving data, storing data for offline use, encrypting data, etc. — it’s a single line of code.

A complete backend stack: You get a data store, a file store, engagement features like push notifications, email and SMS, analytics, a Node.js PaaS to run custom code, an API console to test your backend, and much more. We’ve built it, so you don’t have to.

Built-in, end-to-end security lets you focus on building your app instead of securing it.

Cloning your backends and migrating data from one to another is easy and simple. This lets you iterate on your app without having to worry about complex migrations.

Scale and a track record of powering numerous successful apps like yours

With a global developer community and 10s of 1000s of apps powered by Kinvey, whatever use case you can think of has already been built on Kinvey. Whether you’re an enterprise building internal and external apps for your digital business, an agency looking for a way to get better apps built faster for your clients, or an indie developer trying to create the next game-changing app, we’ve got you covered.

Delivered at scale — an important thing to ask your new vendor is “Can you match Parse’s scale?” As a long-time Parse user, you know that they’ve hardened their platform over time and had various uptime issues while they went through the hardening process. Well, Kinvey went through a similar journey.  No other vendor can match the scale that Parse and Kinvey can give you.

A fair and transparent pricing model (with a generous free tier!)

At Kinvey, we decided to implement a pricing model that was not API or data based. We didn’t want you to have to think about architecting your app to fit a pricing model. If you are building a chatty app, do it. Don’t let a pricing model stop you.  Instead, Kinvey has a simple app-based pricing model.  

We’ve simplified our pricing into tiers to make it simple. At a glance, our tiers are:

For developers and prototypes:

Development (FREE)

  • All core BaaS features
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Business logic
  • 1 environment
  • Up to 1,000 active users per month (MAU)

Indie ($200/month) – everything in Development PLUS

  • Up to 100k active users per month
  • 2 environments
  • Team collaboration

For business and and enterprises:

Business launch (starting at $24k/year) – everything in Indie PLUS

  • Unlimited users
  • 3 environments
  • Prebuilt connectors to Enterprise data and auth systems
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Uptime SLAs
  • Standard support
  • Dedicated account manager

Enterprise (custom pricing) – everything in Business PLUS

  • Single-tenant instance
  • Unlimited apps
  • 6 environments
  • CDN acceleration
  • 24×7 support

A compatible architecture stack

Kinvey’s architecture is very similar to Parse, which allows your apps to work the same way as they did before.

  • Complete SDKs in Objective-C, Swift, Android, JavaScript, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Xamarin, Node.js, Java, etc.
  • A NoSQL based data store (powered by MongoDB)
  • A file store to store large files
  • A node.js based PaaS for you to write and run custom code on the server
  • Push, SMS, Email made easy
  • Analytics to track how your apps are used
  • and much more

At the end of the day, changing platforms is a hard pill to swallow. We get that. We think you should do take your time and do it the right way. Good luck!

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