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Universal Mind Provides mBaaS Example App on Kinvey

Watercooler Demo AppThis is a guest post by David Tucker, VP of Experience Technology at Universal Mind

At Universal Mind, we get excited about creating compelling digital experiences. In many cases, we work with our clients to leverage mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) as an aspect of their overall mobile strategy. We enjoy getting the opportunity to sit with our clients and educate them on the benefits of solutions like Kinvey. We also enjoy showcasing the solutions that we have created using Kinvey.

One recent opportunity allowed us to create a mobile app based on Kinvey for the purpose of education around architecture and capabilities. To widen the reach of this example We worked with Smashing Magazine to document the process of the app’s creation.We wanted to illustrate not only how we created an experience but also how we thought about integrating with an mBaaS provider like Kinvey.

The final demo was of an enterprise messaging application built on iOS using Apple’s new Swift language in iOS 8. We chose messaging applications because we’ve seen them come up again and again with many of our clients over the last few years. This need is also evidenced by the success of solutions like Slack. We chose Swift because we wanted to illustrate how Kinvey could work with this language (which was a question that several of our clients had asked us).

The documentation for this application was broken into a two-part series. In Part 1 of the series, we review the process of creating a Kinvey account, setting up the demo application and walking through the integrations with user management, the file store, and the data store (including modeling your data model in Swift for Kinvey).  In Part 2, we go through the process of setting up permissions for data in the data store, push notifications, and adding collection hooks for business logic. At the end of these two articles, every area of Kinvey integration has been documented and explained.

David Tucker will be hosting a webinar on May 28, 2015 where he will review the work done to create this application as well as the application that Universal Mind recently created on Kinvey for the DisArt Festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Register for the webinar here.

Our hope is that this resource is useful to you, both as a reference and as a code resource. In some cases, the best way to understand the power of an mBaaS solution is to see a fully documented solution that was built using it.

dtuckerAbout David Tucker
VP of Experience Technology at Universal Mind

David Tucker serves as the Vice President of Experience Technology at Universal Mind. He is a software architect with more than 14 years of experience in enterprise software architecture, working closely with Universal Mind’s clients to develop an effective technical strategies in the enterprise. David has written for sites like Mashable, Smashing Magazine, and VentureBeat. He is also a regular speaker at industry events like Interop, AdTech, and DigSouth.


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