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We’re Helping to Drive Innovation in Energy Management With Our Latest Customer, Schneider Electric

schneider electric baasToday we’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Schneider Electric to help them form a company-wide mobile innovation platform. Schneider Electric is ahead of the curve in understanding that a standardized mobile backbone across all business lines will lead to easier, faster, and better mobile app development to help them drive value for their energy management products.

Schneider Electric has launched pre-built UI components to ensure all of their apps meet brand standards, and has created Schneider Electric-specific SDKs to work in conjunction with Kinvey’s client libraries for faster time to market for their apps. They have actually created an entire Hybrid App Development Toolbox, which includes a “BACK” stack consisting of Bootstrap, Angular.js, Cordova, and Kinvey, plus an integrated toolchain for collaboration, testing, integration, and more.

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What’s great about this approach is that it lets their web developers easily translate their experience to mobile, eliminating the need for an autonomous mobile development team and enabling lines of business to drive their own app projects, all while maintaining a similar in-app user experience across business lines. And since they’ve chosen to take the Hybrid/Native approach, they no longer need to develop separate app versions for iOS, Android, and mobile web.

Schneider Electric has truly embraced the mobile-cloud platform shift. They have created an internal, Facebook-like community to help share tips and tricks and ensure that their thousands of developers are not working in siloed teams or projects. When launching Kinvey, they also held an internal hackathon to help developers get accustomed to the platform. With Kinvey employees on-site to help with development best practice, and Jeffrey Hammond of Forrester there as a judge, I heard it was very successful!

With Schneider Electric’s commitment to building a top-tier mobility platform, we’re truly excited to see what kinds of innovative and groundbreaking apps they will be releasing soon. To learn more about their platform, and how Kinvey forms an integral part of it, read the full case study here.

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