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The Evolving Enterprise Mobility Ecosystem

Kinvey-Enterprise-Mobile-Ecosystem-Map-600pxEnterprise mobility is a classic IT disruptor. It’s the kind of disruptor that companies like IBM, Oracle and VMware, SAP, Salesforce, etc. were built on.  It may look like a peripheral part of IT infrastructure now, but since mobile will be the primary access point to apps and data for many enterprises, many — if not most — new apps are going to be “mobile first.” Thus, the entire IT infrastructure is going to have to become very mobile friendly, very quickly, or else risk becoming a legacy platform.

With the progress Kinvey is making in the enterprise, I clearly see that enterprise IT is looking to standardize their mobile stack.  It’s a fact that enterprise customers are building and launching mobile apps every day, and every day that goes by where IBM, Oracle, SAP or VMware don’t have some kind of end-to-end mobile development and hosting solution in the market, they lose account control.  Furthermore, IaaS and PaaS vendors like AWS, Google, Rackspace, Red Hat OpenShift, Cloud Foundry, etc., don’t have a focused enterprise mobile offering either.

As a consequence, major IT vendors are partnering with or acquiring companies throughout the mobile stack.  Market consolidation and investments have taken place in MDM, API Management, cloud and handset markets.  To visualize this activity, we’ve produced the Enterprise Mobile Ecosystem map.


A new mobile stack is taking a life of its own as corporations experience the ease and speed with which they can build, deploy and manage mobile apps using a Backend as a Service platform like Kinvey.
The reason is simple —

  • Enterprise IT departments are looking for a secure, standardized platform for accessing enterprise data, authentication services, and mobile backend features.
  • At the same time, enterprise lines of business need flexibility to launch apps for employees, partners, and customers on any device — with the freedom to use an internal or external development team of their choice — as well as the ability to build successful and engaging apps that seamlessly connect to their existing systems of record for data and identity.

I see mobility growing in a variety of vertical markets, including pharma, financial services, insurance, media, consumer product goods, and manufacturing.  Our customers like Johnson & Johnson, Macquarie Bank, Aetna, Game Show Network, Vibram, and Womack Machine Supply Company are creating innovative mobile solutions to meet the needs of their employees, partners and customers.  It’s an exciting time.

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