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The Executive Drive for Mobile Apps

Enterprise-infographic-teaserEnterprise mobility is the phrase on every technologist’s lips these days. While adoption has been slow, mobile in the enterprise is certainly gaining momentum. Businesses left and right are interested in creating mobile apps for their customers, employees or partners. As a mobile platform for enterprises, we at Kinvey became interested in learning more about the app development process for these companies. Who builds the apps? How much do they expect to spend? What do they value most in a mobile app?

We turned to enterprise executives to provide some insight. We surveyed 200 enterprise execs from varying lines of business in different industries to learn how they approach mobile app development for their companies. We then teamed up with our friends at Beutler Ink to visualize the resulting data in infographic form. Check it out:


We were interested to see that, while most feel that building mobile is a priority, a good chunk of respondents are still trying to figure it all out: about 30% does not know who will build their mobile apps, and a staggering 55% predict they’ll spend less than $50K to build an app. It may surprise these execs that building one feature-rich, sleek app can easily cost upwards of $250K! (Hint: You can see so for yourself with our App Cost Estimator.) We’re happy to observe that, if nothing else, enterprises are thinking about and planning for mobile to be a part of their business.

What do you think of the results from our survey? What did or didn’t surprise you? Let us know in the comments!

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