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The Boston Startup Map: Visualizing the City’s Tech Scene

#BOSstartupmapWhen you think of the tech scene in the greater Boston area, what neighborhood comes to mind? I bet I can guess what you’re thinking: Kendall Square. You wouldn’t be wrong by any means – Kendall is the home to hundreds of startups, between Dogpatch Labs, TechStars Boston and the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). It houses MIT, one of the world’s best engineering schools, as well as tech giants including Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Undoubtedly, Kendall Square has a thriving startup tech scene.

But what about Boston proper? How’s the “scene” in the “Hub”? Several up-and-coming neighborhoods in the heart of the city boast a vibrant tech scene. In fact, we’d argue it’s just as lively and flourishing as the neighborhood across the Charles. That’s why Kinvey just moved to Boston from Kendall Square.

To celebrate Boston’s thriving startup scene, we’ve created a map that visualizes the locations of startups in the city’s various neighborhoods. Check out — and share — The Boston Startup Map #bosstartupmap:

kinvey-Boston-Startup-Map-thumbnailclick image to enlarge

If you’d like to embed this graphic on your own site or blog, here’s the embed code:

After a couple years of running Kinvey out of labs, accelerators and co-working office space, we’ve just been handed the keys to 99 Summer Street in Boston’s Downtown Crossing. We are surrounded by history, culture, great restaurants and bars, and as you can see in the map above, a number of startups.

For us, our own office space will allow us to grow as a team, physically and culturally, making everyone even more pumped to continue building the best backend as a service platform there is. We can’t wait to fully “Kinveyify” the space so we can host events and truly embrace our geeky, punny culture.

Check out some before and after photos of the space on our Facebook page. Oh, and if you’re in Downtown Crossing, stop in and say hi!

Did we miss your startup? Let us know here and we’ll add you in the next version!

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