Mobile development cycles are being cut in half, yet budgets are flat. Organic, cloud solutions, middleware, Backend as a Service ... countless development options (and options within options) exist. Which is right for your business? For mobile app developers, the library is the API they care about. Rather than coding mobile-specific features to a REST or SOAP API, client libraries provide developers pre-built features to consume by their application.

If you have API management, client libraries can link into this and provide a mobile- friendly façade for your developers.

Client Library Features:

  • User management
  • Online/Offline behavior
  • Data caching
  • Data encryption
  • Network management

What is Kinvey?

Kinvey makes a fully-featured Backend as a Service solution, offering data integrations, legacy system mobilization, as well as complete app backends for developers creating new mobile and web applications. Kinvey is based in Boston, Massachusetts.