Our story

Our vision is to connect the world’s people, devices, and data to enable what's next.

To make that happen, we’re building the leading digital business platform to empower organizations to create successful and engaging apps for their customers, partners, and employees. Our Backend as a Service lets businesses connect any app, on any device, to any data system, using any development tools they want.

"Good” is never good enough for us – we've put together a team of remarkable, ambitious, hard-working, and talented people to help us improve and grow.

Would you like to build, market, support, and sell a platform that drives digital innovation across some of the largest companies and fastest growing startups in the world? Check out our open positions or send a note to jobs@kinvey.com.

How we work

Kinvey is filled with enthusiastic, exceptional makers and doers who want to empower developers and IT with the next generation platform for delivering enterprise applications.

We have a strong bias for launching (with an expectation of excellence) because we can’t use or improve that which doesn’t exist. And we all share a willingness to roll up our sleeves and work until it’s done right – even when it’s not our direct responsibility.

We help others when asked, because we are more concerned with Kinvey’s results than our own personal ones.

And when things don’t turn out as well as we’d like, we discuss, learn, and improve from our errors, because we believe that finger-pointing is unproductive.

Every employee gets to play a mission-critical role in something big, and as a result we have a unique chance to learn, stretch, and grow. And Kinvey recognizes and rewards awesome work - while we hold ourselves to high standards, exceeding that high bar deserves special thanks.

Most importantly, we think winning is fun. Customer wins, recognition as thought leaders, and product accolades are what makes us tick.

Management team

Sravish Sridhar
Founder & CEO
Margaret Rimmler
VP of Marketing
Jikku Venkat
VP Product Management
Ivan Stoyanov
VP Engineering
Elaine Pappas
VP of Talent Growth
Aaron Thompson
VP of Business Development
CJ Barton
VP of Sales